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Electro Cooling Centre LLC is one of the leading organizations in the UAE for providing prolonged, prestigious and quality services for nearly 3 decades in the field of Electro Mechanical Projects, Engineering Services, Automobile Air Conditioning & Regrigeration & Cold Stores maintaining high standards and to the entire satisfaction of our clients and customers.

Our employees "The Driving Force" and our value services have developed a...

Group History

A Symbol of Reliability

HVAC System, Electro Mechanical Contractors & Automobile Air Conditing Experts

Chilled Water A/C System.

1 : Nasir Saeed Nasir Al Mansoury Building (5 storey – 100TR)
2 : Sabra Naseed Al Rumaithy Building (5 storey – 100TR)
3 : Late Bin Hamooda building – Renovation (11 Storey)
4 : Harran Saeed Yousef Al Kitbi Building (7 storey – 150TR)
5 : Sagheer M Salem Al Dahiri Building (7 storey – 150TR)
6 : Saeed Yousef Saif Al Hashmi Building (7 storey – 150TR)
7 : Mohd Feriah Al Qubaisy Building (12 storey – 230TR)
8 : Saif Bin Ghanem Al Suwaidy Building (7 storey – 165 TR)
9 : Khamis Jabber Saeed Al Suwaidy Building (5 storey – 100TR)
10 : Khadem Bel Habrout Bu Lleiba Al Mansoury Building ( 7 storey – 140 TR)
11 : Salem Saeed Salem Al Sabousy Building (5 storey – 80TR)
12 : Shafi Al Shafi Building (18 storey – 300TR)
13 : Bakheet Hadi Al Mansoori (5 storey – 180TR)
14 : Saeed Mohsin Bakhit Al Amri (5 storey – 160TR)
15 : Gerard Coffee Shop at Marina Mall

Why Choose Us

ELECTRO COOLING CENTRE LLC (ECC) was founded in Abu Dhabi in the year 1981 for specialized Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration services for industrial projects, residential complexes, all types of automobiles, computer rooms and special application. ECC had first started its services in the field of domestic and automobile air conditioning and thereafter expanded to all other services as per the need of particular air conditioning and refrigeration field in Abu Dhabi.

Now ECC has expanded in the emirate of Abu Dhabi including “AL Ain” and is providing its prestigious and quality service in various mechanical and electrical fields. At present ECC has its head office situated at Hazzaa Street in Abu Dhabi and regional office at Sanaiya in Al Ain.